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ubuntu, wine

We need a good "most annoying" list

I went to Wineconf last weekend.  I've been solidly busy since then, but I'm calling in sick tomorrow to catch up on Ubuntu stuff and post a report, as well as a massive todo list for myself.

In the meantime, I'm going to toy with the idea of creating a wiki page dedicated to the "most annoying usability bugs" for Intrepid beta.   Some of them may be small and squashable, others might remain open for months.  That's fine.

Candidates for annoying bugs are anything that aggravates you about Ubuntu.  Using the system should be fun, even if it's not very functional.  Stuff like repetitive dialog boxes that ask the same question over and over (or worse, pop back up after you told them to go away) are perfect candidates for this list. 

I encourage everyone to file more usability bugs.  This is a good example:

As it is, the program is perfectly functional.  Assuming, of course, you can intuit how to use it, and not get scared off (or perhaps print the whole document out of caution instead of just the possibly incorrect range).  Fixing this sort of thing is just as important for many users as actual functionality.


Second this!

I think this sounds like a good idea! An easy way for the community to report most annoying usablity issues and a nice place for developers to check. Another option would be to write a blog post 'annoyances of the week' and release it on the planet and also report what's been fixed (of the reported bugs) since last week or so.
ubuntu, wine

April 2009

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