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ubuntu, wine

Does Compiz still mess up Wine?

For years now, I've been in the habit of advising all users to disable desktop effects before they use Wine.  Most users, myself included, end up leaving it off entirely, resulting in an inevitable loss of polish.

I heard a while back that this doesn't have to be the case, and that there was work being done within Compiz to make sure it played nicely with other OpenGL applications, most notably Wine.  Is that work done?  Or should Intrepid users still disable desktop effects before launching any Wine application with Direct3D or OpenGL graphics?

I ask because over the coming week I want to make a good, succinct demo of Wine in Intrepid on Youtube.  It will include a very short tutorial showing off how easy (and difficult) Wine can be these days, and first among those issues is figuring out when exactly to tell users to turn off the amazing fancy effects.

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It depends on your video card

Basically whether OpenGL apps are happy is whether you can support indirect rendering. Intel should be able to do it once dri2 is stable, nvidia does it today. I regularly use Intrepid/Compiz/Wine together on my nvidia card.


yes and no

I mainly run photoshop cs2, bejeweled, and CS:Source. I sometimes have to turn it off out of sheer annoyance with photoshop as some of the tooltips pop up in the wrong spots or the layers palette will appear to be behind the actual application.

In CS:Source it works for the most part but once in a while my gnome panels will appear on top of it when it is in full screen and performance will decrease. I'm running nvidia 8800 GTX 512MB.


It's mostly fine in hardy with a nvidia card. There is an occasional issue with the window title bar going purple rather than brown though.
If I'm playing Starcraft, I have to disable compiz because I have edge flipping enabled; When I scroll to the edge, I wind up on a different side of the cube rather than a different part of the map.



On Hardy and Intel at least, yes it does mess up with Wine in a number of ways.

Then again, Compiz does mess up some things now and then all on it's own (I have the default setting of moderate desktop effects, no tweakage). Looking forward to see if it's better in Intrepid, but not getting my hopes up. Still looks like effects are more important than windows that actually stay in the proper place...


$ metacity --replace && wine C:\\Program\ Files\\Steam\\Steam.exe

seriouspost why you using livejournal
I'm having second thoughts about it because they only let me remove 10 spam comments at once without a paid account ("view recent comments" is limited to 10.) I seem to be getting spam in batches of 20 or so, and it's a real pain manually removing the next batch of 10.

So yeah I'll probably switch to blogger soon.
Well on a Dell Inspiron 1520 with a Intel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960 and Intrepid Beta updated, I have been playing today with GoogleEarth and I have to disable compiz, I hear GoogleEarth for linux was build with wine and it use a lot of OpenGL, so I guess no, compiz doesn't play nicely with wine yet.

Google Earth is native

It's picassa that uses wine.


Off topic, but didn't Compiz used to have a workaround plugin for Wine? Or was that Beryl? (If so, what happened to it, if not, I guess we know)

Re: Workarounds

It's very on topic, but I've never seen it before.


Re: Workarounds

I've been completely unable to find a way to exempt a single application from otherwise enabled compiz. That said, here's something that may help:


Basically an easy one-click enable/disable button for Compiz. Click to disable compiz, run your wine app, and click to re-enable when finished.

That said, I personally only play WoW in wine, so since I have WoW running in the background almost all day, this doesn't really solve the problem for me. I also run a background drop-down terminal app called Tilda, which uses Compiz for background transparency when available, and otherwise runs "fake" transparency when there's no compiz. I have Tilda run on-login, so this means every time I disable compiz with this magic button, it also disables Tilda (which was launched while compiz was running at boot) until I hit the button again.

However, I did find one simple solution. As it turns out, WoW runs perfectly fine with Compiz, it's just that, until I login and choose a character, Compiz will crash it. Thus, I've modified my WoW launching script to simple disable Compiz, fix wow permissions (always did this), run wow, sleep for about 60 seconds, and then re-enable Compiz. And it works :) It's incredibly inefficient but at this point, I don't care.

Anyhow, I'll probably post my script up later today (provided nobody minds) but I thought I'd share my progress so far.


I have a nVidia GeForce 7600 GT with 256MB and I run World Of Warcraft in Wine while running compiz and the only problem I run into is that eats all of my vram. If I leave WoW open and try to play a video, the video will die saying I'm out of resources.


Wine and compiz

I have found it works perfectly up to wine 1.1.5.. after that, for some reason, if I start WoW for example, the top and bottom bars remain, which is annoying. Apart from that there are no other issues.


Still Buggy On Intrepid

Run into the same issue on Intrepid (1 week pre-release for those of you reading from the future) and still getting locks on WoW + wine on nvidia.

--Rob J. Caskey


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ubuntu, wine

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