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ubuntu, wine

Ubuntu website took a drastic dip in usability today

Today I wanted to make a forum post on Something Awful about the release of Intrepid.  After 30 minutes of clicking around ubuntu.com, I was still unable to find everything I was looking for.
  • No torrents for DVD images (I'm convinced they don't exist)
  • I got to the release notes once, but couldn't figure out how to get back there by simple clicking (a Google search didn't help, though searching with the ubuntu.com toolbar did)
  • No way to find the "What's new in Intrepid" feature list; I ended up having to Google the term and then use the old beta feature list.  Searching for intrepid feature list on the Ubuntu site returns some threads from ubuntuforums.

Oh well.  Maybe someone will take notice and fix it :)
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Thought I'd have a look at this and see what I saw.

1: Go to http://www.ubuntu.com/
2: Click on Find out more (new features)

3: Go to http://www.ubuntu.com/
4: Click on Download
5: In the "Even more options" section there is a link to Bit Torrent (takes you to http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/downloadmirrors#bt )

6: Release notes linked from the menu on the left of the download page.

Not extremely clear, but not hard to find either.
I'm pretty sure those aren't the new features, just Ubuntu features in general. What I want is a page (like the beta release page) that says what's different in Intrepid vs Hardy.

The bit torrent links are for the three CD images only - no DVDs.

And, ahh, yes, you're right it's there on the navigation. Should probably be in the "main" content too.


there is no link to the torrent.ubuntu.com on the main site. it's a PROBLEM.

all those mirrors for the first 4-5 days are nothing if there is no torrents. they just all become overloaded with users trying to install *fresh* distro.

if it would be mine decision I will totally turn off all mirrors for the first week and let torrent rocks
Are you ShadowHawk on SA?


The server "find out more" page also provides a link to new features of Intrepid Ibex. Mostly server related featured, but many applicable to the desktop as well.




Ubuntu website usability

I'm sorry to say that Ubuntu's website is a usability nightmare. I often waste too much time trying to find info at the website.

In part, by design

Your first and third points are true and by design. DVDs are de-emphasized because some people think they're better than the CD but actually the main benefit of the DVD is additional language packs. Why encourage people to download hundreds of extra megabytes if they don't need those extra langs?

Also, Bit Torrent is also de-empahsized by design. They're problematic in some ways for the infrastructure people and also they're harder for novice users to use. Everyone can click a big green button to download, not everyone can BT. However, this time we did put a direct link to BT instructions and details on the download page so those searching for it should be able to find it quite easily. (not to DVDs though, they usually lag behind the CDs by several days after a release).

Your third point is also by design. A lot of people come to Ubuntu around release day because of the buzz, not because they're diehard Ubuntu users. These people need to be sold on *ubuntu* not on *intrepid*.

Ubuntu is community driven. If you want to make a meaningful contribution to the web experience the best way is via the Ubuntu Web Presence Team at https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-website - We'd love to have you.

In case you're interested in the usability of the Ubuntu website and the thought that went into it, check out my blog post on the download page: http://www.bearfruit.org/blog/2008/10/30/the-new-ubuntu-download-page I assure you it is not just random bit twiddling. (there are still many things I'd like to get done though)


Ubuntu Torrent

Check Out This
http://torrent.ubuntu.com or more specifically....

--> http://torrent.ubuntu.com/releases/intrepid/release/dvd/
ubuntu, wine

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