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ubuntu, wine

Integrating MediaTomb into the desktop, and a hectic few weeks

The MediaTomb software is extremely powerful, however it's a serious pain to get it working.  I had one task in mind: get my videos folder playable on my Dad's PS3 by streaming.  It took me about 2 hours to set up and configure by manually editing a config file and creating some custom scripts - and that was after I even learned what UPNP streaming is and which software I had to download in the first place.

In the end, however, it worked beautifully.  My dad could click "search for media servers" on the Playstation, have it discover my computer, then he could just click videos and find the one to play.  In the background, MediaTomb was silently transcoding the .mkv format (which the PS3 doesn't understand) to MPEG2.

We can do so much better

Imagine how amazing an easy interface to mediatomb could be.  I could right click my Videos folder, select sharing options, and then check a box for "stream media in this folder over the network."  Instead of manually editing configuration files and scripts, I click a button that says I have a Playstation, and it sets that all up automatically.  I never even have to learn what codecs are, what UPNP does, or even that I'm using MediaTomb.

This could be a major feature in Ubuntu.  This is something where we can easily outclass Apple and Microsoft, who seemed to be more worried about copy protection then actually letting you watch your own movies.  It could even be a selling point for the Best Buy clerk trying to explain the boxed Ubuntu copy to a console gamer.

This requires real work to do

On a personal note, I haven't made a post in a few weeks.  Real life has been very hectic.  I moved back in with my parents to save some money, but the situation has become clearly unlivable for me and I'm finding it very hard to spend enough time on open source.  There's so much for me to do in the coming months, and it'd be a real shame if Jaunty wasn't as good as it could be because I was too busy doing "real" work so I could get out of the house.

I'd really like to get more involved with making things like this much easier for every day human beings.  I'm going to be visiting some apartments tomorrow in preparation for moving out, however I'm not sure if I'll have the savings to do it without making a huge financial risk.  I may get stuck in a menial job just to pay rent, working even less on Ubuntu than I am now.  Or, I might luck out and land a job at a place like Canonical, and be able to spend 80 hours a week just doing what I love.  I can't help but feel optimistic in this community.




check this out: http://netzflocken.de/2008/10/26/coherence-and-nautilus-brothers-in-arms would be great if this could be included with Jaunty.

Re: coherence

Coherence sounds very interesting. I went with mediatomb because it seemed "simple" to get it to work compared with the others. Coherence supports multiple backends, however, so it's quite possible that the two projects could mesh somehow.


YEs Yes Yes

This would be awesome.



As a happy user of MediaTomb, I'd be glad to see the software somehow integrated in GNOME. With the PS3 support enabled, of course. :)

For some reason, Mediatomb stopped working on my system last week. Bwah. I'll fix this later.
Yeah, I watched a whole movie the other day. I haven't tested things like the pause button, however.


This would be great

I've been using MT since the day I got my PS3. Realtime transcoding is just awesome! Even at 4mbit MPEG2, high def content just looks amazing. The config file was really easy to use, one of the easiest actually. Plus the adding of folders/files to the streamable list is a browser and a mouse click away. Pause/rewind/fast forward do not work for me when transcoding, but oh well. If I really want that, I save it to the HD before I play it.

Fun fact: I like to stay up to date with ffmpeg. I'm still on 7.10, and since ffmpeg's head needs a header file that 7.10 only has an older version of, I use a prebuilt win32 binary along with Wine to do my transcoding!

Wine is the #1 package that I use, need, and install when I format/upgrade.


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ubuntu, wine

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